Internet explodes over Australian surfers’ road trip through Ireland and Morocco: “This is exactly what surfing is missing right now!” | BeachGrit

Briny and foul with sexiness!

Yeah, explodes is an overreach, gotta bait that hook, however the easy story of 2 Australians becoming out a camper van and chasing iciness swells thru Scotland, Eire and into West Africa has turn into a wonder hit.

In stark distinction to the WSL’s manufacturing line of “very nice, very pretty and a obedient as a tame animal” movies, a long-cut of surfer Torren Martyn and his auteur buddy Ishka Folkwell documenting their 3 months chasing Atlantic swells has a legitimacy that resonates with audiences.

Right here’s what individuals are pronouncing.

“That is precisely what browsing is lacking at the moment. What an ideal journey that offers you the sensation of being there. Thank you for bringing again gorgeous reminiscences of Scotland and Eire for me!” says Canadian professional Peter Devries.


“You guys have as soon as once more captured the magic of surf + commute fantastically. Soo neatly accomplished, thankyou for appearing us your journey.”

“This was once precisely what I wished in those darkish instances. 12 months with out surf, nagging accidents, heavy & darkish ideas, Covid and so on and now my froth got here again straight away along with some tears and smiles all the way through those 40 mins of natural pleasure. Thanks legends! A lot love from Sweden.”

No seventies pussy hair or shaved babylike snatches, however briny and foul with sexiness nonetheless.